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FORSAKING OTHERS is the translated version of Klonte Sout, an Afrikaans bestseller on Amazon.  

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Nobody-will-know until everybody-will-know.

An illness leaves Arnold and Luna childless. Arnold’s indifference to the issue ruins their marriage.

Evan’s wife dies due to complications after a car accident, leaving him to care for their baby on his own.

Mutual support between Luna and Evan causes sparks between them, but their bond is tested when Luna is accused of murder. The tension is unbearable and distrust escalates, especially with damning evidence surfacing. Secrets are revealed. Will they forsake each other, or will their bond prove to be everlasting?


English reviews on the Afrikaans version, KLONTE SOUT:

Lidias Choice

Amazon 2024

Wow! What a roller-coaster ride! Difficult moral dilemma, beautifully described in such a way that the reader can draw its own conclusions as to what is right or wrong. Once again the humor helps to relieve very intense emotions while reading. The book is written in such a way that the characters keep the reader's attention from the start. The author draws you in from page 1. Very well written, very emotional and a lot of laugh out loud moments. Definitely a recommended read which leaves the reader with a lot of food for thought.



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